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I think my blog name is to lame. so i'm changing it to....



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I got 2 rejection letters from NUS and NTU as expected. How would a GPA of 3.15/4 ever get me into uni. CRAP. My dad sat me down to talk about the future. Being the normal NiCK, i wasn't really interested in what he had to say, not because of what he wanted to voice out but more of a blocking out of my dad.

Anyhow, he mentioned how some of his friends went to take medicine despite having major financial difficulties. Slogging your body thin for 10 yrs definitely is better than suffering for the rest of life.

I feel i'm not able to decide what to choose, i am only a short-sighted person.

12:51 PM


Going field camp again soon. Aiya troublesome. Back to shooting imaginary enemies and imitating earthworm in the mud.

Say your friend who is around 20 ask why the security guys in changi airport are all so young, its cuz people like me have to stand at changi airport and let the ang mohs feel safe. Pui!

i think i will do some social work after ORD. Time to contribute to society

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Square Root of Three

I’m sure that I will always be
A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight
Beneath the vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick,
with just some quick arithmetic

I know I’ll never see the sun,
as 1.7321
Such is my reality,
a sad irrationality

When hark! What is this I see,
Another square root of a three

As quietly co-waltzing by,
Together now we multiply
To form a number we prefer,
Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds
With the wave of magic wands

Our square root signs become unglued
Your love for me has been renewed


AH AHhahaha

12:47 PM


Was too lazy to complete the previous lame post. Guess I didn't find it amusing afterall.

9:04 PM


The red PSP is getting boring already: the games don't satisfy my gaming rage. The games are quite the same as those on PC except with less buttons. But i must say, it really is a very good invention, so many things in 1.

Unlike the NDS.

I completed easy mode of God of war.

5:05 PM


Challenge: complete 32km route march.

Bought a RED psp. RED like the colour of my elmo. Red, like the blood in the toilet bowl. Just pasted like Patapon, God of war, Tekken & final fantasy and now i have 2 mb of space left. CAN"T EVEN PUT IN 1 DECENT PICTURE OF MY NAKED ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:07 PM


3am on the com? No biggy.
5am still not sleeping? Nah i'm not tired.
7am? Cool, i don't need to sleep anymore!

Behind outside camp is like a toilet break from what is to come next.

2:47 AM


A dwarf and a nice looking 2 handed orc

1:48 AM


hate my boss. he thinks he's god, made me hi-kneel in front of him. Can't wait to report about him in the newspaper

11:22 PM


Met my Clarinet section mates just now for dinner. Ate some unfresh seafood platter @ new york new york. Bad ambiance, seemingly fillipino + gay waiter.

Talked and laughed at old times. All this reminded me of the old times under a previous tyrant. Started me thinking why despite the similarities in the tyrants of my life, how i was able to enjoy last time yet am unable to find joy in what i do nowadays.

Maybe it comes with age, maybe its just a Singaporean trait - COMPLAINING about everything good and/or bad-, or simply I have become increasingly corrupt and evil. Looking from a bird's eye view, I've lost my childish optimism and even question myself whenever i try to convince myself that i am not in the worst situation.

Guarding Singapore's chemical island seems torturing, 12 hours straight of duty all seem impossible. Especially since the big boss sits in the office room with harry potter and hermione granger. Even more annoying, the boss' immediate subordinate talks about how nice harry potter is when we small fry are all sweaty.

Would you rather tell your son about harry potter or about the nights you were at risk of meeting a terrorist?

1:37 AM



Learnt that my big boss will be leaving in november instead of june or july. SHIT.

He's so into fats, talks about it all the time. See, we took our weight and height after 1 month of barely any exercise. Most of us lost weight. Except 1 guy, his small intestines(probably the size of my large intestines) work OT everyday.


Would you give away a toy to another friend who needs it more than you, but most likely destroy it?

1:24 AM


Guard finish Jurong Island. Handed over to the next bunch of idiots trapped by the bosses.

10:04 PM


Didn't feel like taking a bus. Gonna take cab. Cool eh? i accidentally deleted all my photos from my phone. cool. now i lost quite a few photos. cool.

3:00 PM

Deployment soon.

2:48 PM


Many people are getting injured in my how-should-i-put-it "easy to talk group". 1 fingerbone got smashed by some shredder, 1 tailbone got kicked by some idiot.

1:21 PM


Example of a stupid New year resolution:

1. ORD now, get army over with, never ever see my OC(the big boss who fools around in the office) again.

2. Drive my lambo into camp and park it in my OC's parking lot. Then leave it there for the nxt 2 years.

3. Get a driving license before number 2 happens.

4. Afford to buy a lambo before getting a license

5. Afford the chauffeur for my lambo till i get my license

6. Afford to change chauffeur if he sucks as a driver(i bet loads of lunatics will want to be my driver....lambo leh! not some lexus toycar)

2:19 AM


Finally, a long break from army. One of the lucky few from my batch to get to clear leave. SAF is a famous organisation, and a considerably corporate one(army camp got bangala come in and run around in our bunk sia!), especially when coming to eating up leave due to "important, protect the country" secretive training.

Bossy Boss: You want take leave ah? Can lor, if got no training.
Dude getting bossed around: Orh. Sounds reasonable hor. When got no training ah?
Bossy Boss: Unfortunately, we will be having mobilization exercise for the next few months leh, after that no problem!

-- After "mobilization exercise"--
Dude getting bossed around: Sir, i can go home today? exercise finish liao
Bossy Boss: Cannot, must do physical training to make up for the 10 months no running, chin up.
Dude: But i get gold for napfa leh!
Boss: But your brothers in bunk never get, so must do with them wat.

Anyhow, I guess i'm one of the few fortunate people from my batch getting to clear leave. I'm like only a trainee AKA lowest life-form on the hierarchy. So much depends on the boss. Suddenly, it feels as if staying back all those extra Saturdays doing close to nothing seems ok.

Its important to treasure. Learning to accept reality - military and civilian life ... so much different, close to nothing in common - that was my initial challenge. 6 months of chiongswa(running around in the sun carrying trash that destroys and leaves nothing in the path) seems challenging.

Army is a waste of time, that i agree. Uncreative people(basically everybody in saf) say that army teaches values like endurance and stuff you don't learn outside. Yeah, i learnt many things such as vulgarities, shouting and venting anger before thinking.

9:02 PM


So much is mental. I finally realise how much of an opponent i am to myself . Running from difficulties, finding easy ways out, thats normal. Its how to overcome that matters. I guess 2 yrs in army teaches me that. Hell, i don't need 2 bloody years to learn that.

1:39 AM


More or less used to life as a man. Sometimes, i feel that I can do better than the commanders at being a commander, but who am i to say that? I even have to accept that i'm not a 2IC, cause it has been decided even before us tekong people came in that the 2ICs are the mono-intake people would get the rank.

6:40 PM


I feel like been robbed in daylight, and its not like i can do anything. There's almost nobody to go out with, everybody's in camp. Why'd SAF steal my friends?

12:37 PM


SAF really is an unfair organisation.

12:22 AM


I'm quite sad now. I HATE ARMY :(

7:01 PM






7:50 PM


Nice? I guess only transformers fans will think so ^^

Managed to find it in suntec after like loads of finding.

8:49 PM


3 months of army life is over with quite a blink of an eye. Quite happy to know BMT's over.

Everyone always says that your BMT buddies are gonna be your life-long buddies. I guess all the sleep-overs in the same bunk kinda makes us brothers.

Its kinda weird having 2 weeks of nothing to do all of a sudden. Total break of momentum. I LIKE IT.

Now anyone who has nothing better to do, can come and disturb me ^^

10:31 PM


1. (The person who tagged you is...)
Nanda the Banana

2. (Your relationship with him/her is...)
We're not gay.

3. (5 impressions you have of him/her.)
Seiruosly, Serious.
Tall? Impressions mah....
Reliable...very reliable and trustworthy. thats why wholeday got girls call him talk about their problems sia
Stupid clubber

4. (The most memorable thing he/she has done for you.)
Scold me lol

5. (The most memorable words he/she has said to you.)
Fuck lah.

6. (If he/she becomes your lover, you will...)
Need a sex change first

7. (If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be...)
More open to racist jokes lol...especially indian ones

8. (If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...)
Kill him lor

9. (If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be...)
Probably something lke i broke his dick into 2.

10. (The most desirable thing you want to do for him/her now is...)
Make love. LOL.

11. (Your overall impression of him/her is...)
Uber good.

12. (How you think people around you will feel about you.)
Small Chap. sometimes quiet sometimes noisy

13. (The characteristic you love about yourself is...)
I like happy things? lol who doesn't

14. (On the contrary, the characteristic you hate about yourself is...)
Inherited height. Inability to tell if someone is joking or angry.

15. (The most ideal person you want to be is...)
No one is ideal.

16. (For people that care and like you, say something to them...)

17. (Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you - TRY NOT TO PEEP AT THE QUESTION BELOW BEFORE WRITING DOWN THE NAMES.)

Unlike the one who tagged me saying he'll check that i do this, i believe you guys will do it if you want to.

1. Nanda i give you another chance to do it. ^^
2. Wint sucks
3. Hubert Chan get Best PT. now give your fingers work.
4. Sharon Elephant
5. Danny Dunk Beetle
6. Nette!
7. Stella
8. Kexin! my most enthu fan.
9. Matthew
10. Jasmine?

(Who is no. 6 -netnet - having a relationship with?)
My cousin! ^^ she's just a few days older...but a lot taller. We've both got the white hair genes.

(Is no. 9 - Matthew - a male or female?)

(If no. 7 - Stella - and 10 - jasmine - are together, will it be a good thing?)
No. I think unnatural love sucks

(How about no. 8 - Kexin - and 5 - Daniel)

(What is no. 2 - Wint - studying about?)
Kamel Milk.

(When was the last time you had a chat with no. 3 - Hubert Chan)

(What kind of music band does no. 8 - kexin - like?)
Band music. Guessing apart from that....chinese pop.

(Does no. 1 - nanda - have any siblings?)
A bro.

(Will you woo no. 3 - Hubert Chan?)
No gays.

(How about no. 7 - Stella?)
Who knows the future. Maybe.

(Is no. 4 - Sharon elephant - single?)
I think so.

(What's the surname of no. 5 - Daniel)

(What's the name of no. 10 - jasmine)
Jasmine Tan Ah teck. dunnoe leh

(What's the hobby of no. 4 - Sharon Elephant?)
Playing neopets. LOL

(Do no. 5 -daniel- and 9 - matthew- get along well?)
They dunno each other.

(Say something casual about no. 1 - nanda)
F*** u lol. Army taughtt me vulgurities

(Have you tried developing feelings for no. 8 - Kexin?)

(Where does no. 9 - matthew- live?)
Rich man land.

(What color does no. 4 - Sharon - like?)

(Are no. 5 - daniel - and 1 - nanda- best friends?)
Eh, nt quite.

(Does no. 7 - Stella - like no. 2 - Wint)
Probably. Not in the lesbian sense.

(How did you get to know no. 2 - Wint?)
Some tard along the street. Poly class mate.

(Does no. 1 - nanda- have any pets?)
Pet Cockroach

(Is no. 7 - Stella- the sexiest person in the world?)
If i say no, she'll cry. LoL

6:09 PM


On my way into the lift, while my neighbors were getting off, i noticed a guy and a girl shaking hands really awkwardly. They're both around my age, apparently never said anything except "which floor you wanna go" to each other. I've seen both of them for at least 5 years (probably more). Now if they're like shaking hands now, does that mean the 2 of them have never been in the same lift before?

My point is, having always done something in the same particular way, it isn't easy to change the approach. Today, i have sort off commited to something simple like going to church at 8am for the next month (cause i always dose off). I personally hate responsibilities, tie-downs and anything that restricts me. Especially facing authority. I hate listening to authority.

How to go army nia. sucks man

5:48 PM


Finally, after 5 days of chalet, i'm home for a tinny rest before going for the next week of chalet. A lot of you guys are wondering what nick looks like, semi-balded....afterall nobody's ever seen me with short hair. To satisfy my undying fans, here i am....ugly like shit.

Dang, my hair's not really growing very regularly but nvm, Tekong's world class barbers are gonna shave it off in 1 week's time.

So there you have it, ugly ugly me.

Went back to fairfield alumni band on sat. Oh man, i just realised how much i have not improved whiles many of my ex-peers are like uber leet pro...even after 2 yrs, their sight-reading's like quite solid (afterall, many of them went acjc or sajc lah). then there's dummies like me who never play clarinet for a few months only....supposedly to be like damn good, but still damn lousy. I've been through this kinda jc poly comparisons before....must reassure myself again that poly ain't that bad...maybe i should have stayed in ac... some people just don't get it that suanning me about it doesn't actually make me feel good.

Anyhow, i think i can cope, no problem. Hmmm

7:42 PM


Yay, first 2 weeks in tekong resort wasn't too bad.

On one side, was the sea. Imagine waking up with sea-smelling wind blowing at your face. Just imagine the waves crashing against the shores just 10m away.


Turning clockwise 90 degrees, the ferry terminal carrying more guest to and fro. Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can even hear the excitement these ferry-takers give off when they board the ferry.

Just down the lane, there is a girl bunk for those in need of eye-candy. Don't ask for too much, not only is the girl quantity miserable, the girl qualities aren't much better. Don't however assume that the previous statement is absolute, when there is a shortage, some men settle for anything available. Afterall, what is there to lose?

Hungry in the middle of the day? Not to worry, just a few steps away lies the best and only food paradise in the area. You don't need to decide what to get, the staff have already taken the liberty to choose for you. They always make sure you get the best nourishment possible.

Everyday activities await you when you awake, ensuring you never ever get bored. There's a gym downstairs with pictures of men and women with in proportionate muscles to inspire you on rainy days.

Once in a while, there is this terrifying walk that cause many men's legs to wobble. Not to worry, your instructors even include sarcasm to help you persist through the pain.

So sign up now for the Tekong 2 year experience! Best of all, you get paid while eating free food, having a free room and free beds and pillows. However, once you begin, there's no way you can quit halfway.

1:19 AM


In 12 hours time, i am supposed to be at tekong ... bald.

This is Ikkaku from Bleach. Heck he's cool.

Met many many many many good buddies over the days.

Here are some pictures.

With Jasmine and XY

The Hell Coaster in KL

Really bad Ghost Attempt

BME graduates minus a few jokers

I am speaking to everybody.

The Smartest monkeys in the world.

1 girl, 2 gays and a pussy cat

Heck care the jokers behind.

I thought the advert was cool.

The Advert is still cool.

Rich's happy cause he's beside the blue shirt person.

Swi looks old.


12:55 AM


Back from KL. It r0cked... we all bought loads of crap. We ate shit, slept whiles totally ignoring the time (and missing the hotel breakfast in the process), shopped. It was a jolly holiday indeed.

Initially before leaving singapore, i thought it'll just be like ... any other holiday...an escape from reality, with a lot of funds to spend with less budgetting. And I didn't even think I'll ever face one of the biggests frights of my life.

Day 1 kinda began sourly, one of my buddies were late...like damn late...kinda dampened the mood. But somehow, we managed and didn't miss the 830 bus (the nxt bus was at 1). Me and ShinZ kept EBAing on the bus until we were damn bored. ShinZ is better at spinning the DJ table's disc (its where you take the stylus -the touchscreen pen- and draw circles as quickly as possible), while I was better at the moving parts.

We spent half a day in KL finding a hotel. Since we didn't book before hand, our leader ah hong decided to seduce zoey the hotel staff, which he so volunteerily did. We all waited outside for him to settle whatever she wanted inside the room. HAHA should have seen his face.

OK starting to get boring.

2nd half of day 1 is shopping.

day 2: shopping + times square...omfgwtfbbq roller coaster that is indoor.

The roller coaster was damn freaking, so we decided to go for the more gentle rides =D. Imma humji, so ah hong like had to take care of me most of the time and convince me it was safe.

Stupid thing didn't look scary at all. Then when we started spinning, apparently only i -being the smallest size among the 7 of us- felt like i looked like i really was going to get flunk off. HAHA it was damn hilarious cause i was seating inside and when it spins i just slammed onto ah hong xD. I tink he needs a hip surgery now.

This was a ****ing nightmare.

This nightmare was rather fast before u know it its over. Its like they purposely put it beside the window. OMG imagine being tossed upside down...SLOWLY... OUT OF a WINDOW !

Then after all the warm-ups, here it is.

800m of hell in 2 mins.


!omg damn scary!

NO I LIED. THe least scary was actually this freaking roller coaster. It sounds loud, u can feel the vibration and hear retards screaming, but actually...NO IT WAS THE LEAST SCARY.

At the bottom of a slope, a camera will take pictures. ShinZ was caught pointing middle fingers..haha damn farnie! Me and Ah hong was digging our nose. Marcus was the ultimate...he looked like he was sleeping. wtf? sleeping?! LoL

Ok, the rest of the theme park was bullshit.

11:44 AM


How can i become better? My clarinet skills suck! Guitar skills suck! Saxophone skills suck!

And i was wondering where i can play music in future. Old and getting worst, i wonder. So many uncertainties.

Anyways i just got back from climbing Bukit timah hill in slippers and loose pants. It was really awkward, considering how unhealthy i was, seeing older & fitter people who were ALL wearing shoes. Quite like the delinquent punk who does it his way. It was quite interesting, i didn't really perspire too much, thanks to the lee family genes.

Maybe i need to pump up a little more skills. FAT FAT FAT. like a blob. Maybe nxt time i will be recieving a guiness for the skinnest fat person on the earth.

Terence's idioticacy: IQ test for stupid people - You have 2 buckets of water. A bucket of water that weighs 5 kg and a bucket of water that weighs 10kg. How many buckets do you have?

11:01 AM


Today, my colleague asked me how i found the real world. I mentioned about it being no biggy. Actually i wanted to say its time to retire from work, everyday its a battle to wake up from bed. I think when sarah found it shock i'll be doing an office work cause i probably won't even sit still...thats absolutely true. I thought maybe train some patience...you know those self-assurance stuff. But nah, i rather walk around the warehouse smile at people hypocritically.

I feel quite sian, social life at carrier for NiCK is quite sad. There aren't no other friend i can like really talk to, everybody's rather old and talking about the recent GST thing. I need to talk about the latest game or laughing at people's fats or analysing terence's girlfriend-to-be and stuff.

Thankfully, my colleagues are sort off a nice bunch. Unlike some of the zian bian guys in the warehouse. I was happily slurping oreo pao pao cha, passing a delivery slip to the warehouse idiot...then he scold me cheebye cause it gives him extra work (there's probably other reasons) but in the first place, this extra work is his daily work. Humph! makes me hate my work.

Ok, now i complain finish. ^^ Tommorow going with gang to gank sakura...drool...NO, i won't save any for you.

9:15 PM

Since my boss took leave to go china find wife (sometimes i wonder why his table got pictures of a small boy)...i supposedly get to bum around in the office but NO, must work until like crap.

Maybe must upgrade a bit, pluck my boss' moosetarch for him then maybe can have less work haha xD

12:07 AM


i keep a lot to myself...many times afraid of saying the wrong thing & disturbing the other person. Especially when i am stressed. Even if they're the closest of friends.

I am finishing the temporary work chapter before army soon. Going to army in around 1.5 months time. TO WAR!!!

8:15 PM


sob. saber died :(

6:23 PM


I miss my good old yr 2 hair days. Not that i can't do it now, its whether my country allows me to do so.

The jap people tend to be more creative, their hairstyles are uber nice!

See this!

My gosh! Scary! COOLLLLL! SPIKES COOL!!! and the other guy's hair looks like a bao. hungry hungryy

Hahah imagine in the army people have this hairstyle. Then when they march around, the spike pokes the neighbour's eye. AHH!!!

2:33 PM


At this state, its all about uni entries. Have you applied? What you apply for? You going overseas and stuff? I listen to other people's future planning and realize how stuck up and arrogant i have become.

Reality pricks...not a single ideal. Even my clarinet i spent 3.4k some years ago is now the clarinet i HATE. Then after it all, my dad tells me that we have a shortage of funds and that i will have to pay for my own university fees. If i knew that in sec 4, i rather buy a "lousier" clarinet (which would probably be better than my current one).

Looking at my poly grades of GPA 3.2, it seems that i would probably not make it locally to a university. Most people get in with GPA 3.5 and above. Then the cliche "damn i should have worked harder when i was young" appears.

The only place i can actually continue is in Australia (proper universities, excluding Malaysia...i don't like Malaysia) where the fees would be 3x of that in Singapore. Oh wells.

8:28 PM


I kinda skipped work today. Sort off. A few more weeks more to tahan.

I am more like a mashmellow than a steady rock...a bit of heat melt away and burn. Maybe i have a weak personality or due to lousy up-bringing.

Tomorrow must work again. sianzzz

10:39 PM



I was being my silly self...watching tee-vee. Then it came advertisements...the section that waste our time. ok lah normal normal, see advertisement my whole life ok lah no biggy.

Suddenly a monsta in bikini pops up. So i, without any hesitation, comment how standards are dropping and change the channel.

After a while i change back. OK LAH ONLY 1 CONTESTANT, MAYBE STILL GOT HOPE.

A few days later, i happen to walk pass the tv...someone was watching it. If i were to wear a bikini and go up maybe i can qualify lor.



7:50 PM


14th June, NiCK loses his fur. Going in to make many new friends! yay!

9:44 PM

I don't know, but wherever i go, people like to bully me. Maybe its the way of the office. Big bully small or its just me being over-sensitive. Thankfully, the bullying is not really bullying.

I can't really think of much to complain about others. I rather complain about myself...seeing my own im-perfections @ work, when time is of the essence.

And i always think, am i really work 7 bucks an hour?

8:12 PM

Imma becoming more and more introvert. Squeek!!!!!!!!!!

8:05 PM


Guys have their own version of PMS too. What others don't know is the interval.

Generally, guys don't like to tell others the more inner stuff. Of course, there are always sissies who go around telling the world about every aspect of their boring life, irregardless of whether the listener really is interested.

I myself, have my own version. The lady's PMS is regulated by the egg dropping out of their extra hole. Nobody really knows anything about a guy's one. Mine is regulated by my inner state of mind.

I guess its ok to post stuff here, cause i find it easier to talk to a wall about such stuff than having a forum about guy's PMS. Promise you won't tell anyone? You do? ok! then read on. Otherwise, go flush ur head in the toilet bowl.

As i was saying...take for example, if i feel tired, i would want to go home to sleep (some tell me that i am like a sloth, all lazy and weak and soft like a tissue paper). However, if i have some to go for some lame meetings ... like a wasted practise... i rather get raped by a pink tortoise. Then I would start getting cranky. Scold everything, laugh at nothing and pretend to be lee kwan yew: the ruler of singapore.

12:18 AM


Death note (the anime) keeps on dragging. I wonder when it will end. For dummies out there, death note is about a sadistic killer & a life-less undercover police's mind games. Basically, its all about Light's killing spree and L trying to catch Light.

I used to think killers are bad asses, but maybe i'm growing up or my mind's been polluted by the media, maybe killers aren't all bad. In theory, when you kill someone (regardless of circumstances) you will feel guilt that torments you. Personally for me, i think if someone is evil, and is hurting people around them...I don't mind killing that person even if it means I should go to hell for it. Like killing Light for example.

Then again, the earth is seriously over-populated. The old people are almost like a plague. The young people are the undeveloped plague waiting to mature. If people die, they give hope to others.

Again, after watching the movie 300 where the parents would toss the babies showing weaknesses before they give birth. It is this sacrificial method that made the spartans the elite greek warriors.

So if people die, it ain't that bad...it gives hope to others.

Ok, i think i need a mental doctor. I think its too many gory violent shows where lifes are not treasured.

9:42 PM


How do you when you are too haolian?

Hao Lian sort of means to show off, but i will show later it isn't really that. But hao-lianing doesn't mean you're lousy at it. You could be the most pro in the world and still have a hao-lian attitude.

I personally find it hard to not hao-lian, even though chinese people always say that hao-lianing is bad. Personally, i feel this society standard of being overly humble quite frustrating.

For example, recently I took my grade 5 clarinet exam. I would be hao-lianing to say that its damn easy. Most people will say i am hao-lianing. What makes you think you're that great? If you were, why not take a harder grade? Or get a perfect score of 150 (music grades are upon 150). Ok, from the majority point of view, i AM hao-lianing.

But from my own prospective, I am not hao-lianing, just being truthful. I just got my results 2 days back. I got a distinction(which you could also say i am hao-lianing by announcing my marks). So would most people still say i was hao-lianing when i said grade 5 was easy after knowing my results?

I find this a society problem, being overly humble that is. Look at the brazillian soccer players, they're all show-offs...especially on field. Yet, nobody says they are hao-lianning, cause they really are that good. And they aren't even close to humble, mocking their opposition without thought. It is because of this show-off attitude, the wanting to reach that standard that helps them move forward more. Of course, the hao-lian people usually are also snoobs.

My point? I think its ok to hao-lian, as long as you can support your hao-lian. If you claim to be something, you make sure you aren't just a preacher but something more.

Having said all this, i realise i am just a preacher most of the time. Murder me.

Ok! haha not bad right, NiCK can be serious! Bet most of you think i'm still that kid who doesn't use any brain. Well, you aren't wrong, but you aren't right either.

On the train that day, i saw some nutcase doing crossword puzzle. All people who do crossword puzzles are nuts. Its like they buy a book of mess, use their pencil to find the order in the chaos. I think in real-life, this are the people who like to clean up their room to make it neat.

So if you wanna find a good maid, find one who plays crossword puzzles, cause she will like to clean up your room. Then give her crossword puzzle books as christmas presents.

- "Oh Maria! Maria Maria Maria Mama-mi-ah, please clear my underwear! I can't find any new ones to wear! Maria Maria Maria!"

8:52 PM


Tomorrow, we're gonna have a sale. You wanna buy air-con remotes, get it tomorrow at 2....twenty something teban garden drive/lane(can't remember lol!).

1 of my colleagues will be on a leaf at eastcoast. So that leaves 2 people to die. It takes the slow network and slow NiCK 10 mins to get 1 invoice,delivery order printed for the customer. Stupid system. Stupid NiCK

10:08 PM


Working really makes me wish I were still that dumb ass walking around not giving a dumb shit what people think. The elders always say ignorance is a bliss. I get it now, the elders are envious of the dumb ass walking around. They want to be that dumb ass, not having to worry about office oppression.

Carrier has prospectively lengthened my week. Waking up at 11am was a blessing, eating lunch at 3 was a norm. Now, being in bed at 11 is a disaster, same as putting your head under your boss' car's wheel waiting for M-18 movie type of death. My lunches now are a blessing, its scheduled, proper....such a big change from eating left overs and biscuits. The companionship leaves little to ask for, the work is like a pit of vampires sucking each other.

My time in Khong Guan has allowed me to save money by occupying my entire Saturdays, and sapping energy from the rest of it.

Looking on the bright side, I am a little closer to my Lamborghini. Literally and financially. The Lamborghini show house is over the fence from carrier. And my first month earning 1k and above finally gives the accountant doing my CPF account to finally have some words to print.

I also have the ability to feed my computer repairman lunch. Sad part is i just bought a new graphic card for my computer recently.

10:16 PM


First day of work at carrier was pretty good. I get to sit at a desk. I get to call the desk "mine", even though the true owner is the managing director. But at least, i have my own territory.

Everybody needs to call something their own property, be it a carpet or a car.

During my attachment, i thought i liked the company (the people & the corporate organization) But i was glad to leave after 5 months. Now that i have ended up in carrier, i realize why i never actually liked it. Everybody needs their territory, their comfort zone. Carrier even let me, an unskilled temporary staff, have a desktop.

For now, i am satisfied. But those leaving carrier all seem happy. I will probably reach that stage, but it will not be soon.

8:15 PM


The problems of wanting something can be quite a headache.

Take for example you want to eat the apple. So u go earn some money. Then you collect your money. Then you go to the apple shop. Then you pay for an apple. And as you eat it, savoring the flavour slowly, the juice tickling your throat.

Then you say it was worth it.

The second day, you feel like eating apples again. So you do the same thing again, cause you don't have anymore money. Too bad for you, you slog thr work.

When you eat the second apple, do you still feel the satisfaction of the hard work? Only those that have gone through extensive parental propaganda would. Well, NiCK wouldn't feel satisfaction from eating the apple you worked so hard for. On the contrary, its cause i worked so hard that i don't want to eat the apple.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new job - a temp 2 month office slave.

3:11 PM


I liked 300. And the actor's bodies were all damn fit looking, including the main actor whose probably like 9999999 years old.

If you don't know what 300 is, you're probably just completed the metamorphasizing stage in your mom's womb or your friend number count is less than 0.


Anyway, 300 contains some slow motion upper-body sex scenes and erotic dance. So kids should stay home and suck their thumb. After sucking your thumbs out, go take the spartan spear and toss it at the cinema guard. Maybe you'll get to watch the show after you come out of jail.

Peter told me it would be Violent and gory. I didn't really find it that gory, cause the blood spilling out was too little. Like if i take a pencil and poke your eye, then i withdraw the pencil i'll expect the eye to at least come out or drop on the floor or something..but no, no organs were flying around. WHICH IS WHY AFTER REMOVING THE NUDITY, THIS SHOW SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A FAMILY SHOW, NOT M18.

This guy is the elite of the Persian army and he's supposed to be the best of asia, called the immortals. Wth, not scary lor...i tink i am more scary than them. ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:00 PM


I shall inspire my juniors in band to come before i go off (ironic).

Anyways its time for me to go find work. Going with anle on wednesday to khong guan biscuit factory. Interestingly enough, in fairfield band, there were 2 kids who were rich. Their father was someone high up there in the khong guan management. I hope i don't meet them in the factory. its quite sad to work for your friend if you look at it as me being older than the kid.

5:27 PM


I have sinned

10:51 PM


Anle is a bastard tricked me into thinking he join Breakdancing at esplanade. That idiot!!!!!

Its almost the same as George Bush shaving his armpit hair on teevee.

7:55 PM

Finally, i've watched the entire FullMetal Alchemist. The ending was a little dumb but overall its nice. Time to move on to another anime. Any to recommend?

And my desktop just gave way in under 1 hour. And i am supposed to go for band at 130 and now its 12 and i feela litle lazy to move my ass.

This are my materialistic goals for now:
1. Buffet Festival(probably) or Tosca Clarinet ... 2nd hand is fine
2. Some nice metal Clarinet Ligature
3. Some nice Saxophone Mouthpiece
4. Vehicle License
5. New Computer (or graphic card plus ram)

11:41 AM


It kinda gets boring, bumming around cause i've kinda graduated. Now that i've got a big gap till NS, maybe i'll just go find a job.

I spent the entire day wondering what my friends are doing and whether anyone actually knows i'm stoning at home being unproductive.

As you grow up, you're expected to be independent. But what if you are not independent? Then you are a problem of society.

A certain part of me is telling me go work your ass you lazy bastard! Then the bigger part of me tells me that i'm not capable and not worth the money. I need confidence boosters man.

7:38 PM

2/03/2007 The origin of races

I just completed my 5 month attachment. ^^ now i can wake up at 11am and suan my (ex)-colleagues.

1:53 PM


I just came back from the canto land, the hong kong islands.

If you were to ask me whether i like HK or not (Well, you don't have any choice, I already assumed you are a typical human being to ask me that question).... it would be a mixture of goods and bads.

Good thing is that they have really good food there. Their equivalent of Singapore's Kopitiam are restaurants. You don't find food centres serving shit in HK, but there are numerous such hawkers in Singapore. I love wanton. So i ate wanton mee for 3 out of 4 lunches. HK's wanton r0cks man, there's prawn and some secret ingredient inside. Uber nice. Singapore's wanton should be renamed to ball of pisai.

The HK road-side stalls do sell shit which , Thank god, doesn't exist in Singapore. That piece of food looks like shit, smells like shit. Therefore, NiCK awards them a high shitty level. Even though i don't know what that food actually is, i suspect its Pig Dick.

Nevermind lor, just avoid the stall...but then its like every other street also got stalls selling this Pig Dick. Wth is wrong with hongkies.

HK is flooded with glamorous duplicates. Its like the kids, teenagers and young adults dress,look and smell the same. Its damn standard. The guys wear pirated looking skater shirts, Levi's Jeans, and Converse/Adidas/Nike Sneakers. And they all look like Jay Chou wanabes. The girls dress the same as the guys, except they have extra fur coats and long boots.

Here's what i found on google when fur coat was typed in.


8:56 PM


When i went down to toshiba data dynamic place in some inconvenient industrial estate, i overshot 1 bus-stop even though the bus ride was only 2 stops long in total.

Anyway, i collected my laptop from that building where the nearest bus stop was almost 400m away. Ironically, i was also carrying yaode's working toshiba laptop along with me.

When i finally laid hands on my laptop, some old kia in front of me was hogging the powerpoint as if he owned it. GRRR that old kuku. Best part is, i sat beside him observing for a rather long eternity.

His computer crashed and toshiba formatted his cock. So he asked the toshiba dude how he could check his e-mail. The toshiba dude asked him wat his e-mail was (i.e. What suscriber, did he use outlook express etc.). That old kia looked at the toshiba dude as if he didn't know e-mail stands for electrical mail. He didn't know what Internet service providers were either.

The only thing he mentioned was his userID, password and his e-mail address. OMG its like an invitation to hack. Of course i didn't, i'm a nice guy (actually there's probably no important mails in it cause he's such a dum dum)

Signs that you are getting old:
1. Your armpit hair is more than your head hair
2. You smell like dog poo even after you used shampoo
3. Your hands droop is comparable to a bulldog's face
4. You drive a car that has no wheels
5. You wake up in the middle of the night cause you wet your bed (i know some of you readers still pee in your pants)

Anyhow, continuing with the lame old man. After the toshiba guy gave up answering his questions, the old man started fooling around with his desktop, he opened internet explorer without connecting to a wireless network and then declared that the laptop was spoilt. OMG! i told him that he needed to tap into someone's wireless networth to get internet access.

Anyway, after i had enough, i shut down that guy's com when he looked away. When he looked back, i asked him if i could borrow the power supply as i had been waiting for 20 mins (its bloody long considering i was listening into all his questions and that i had to rush off to Singapore General Hospital for Chemotherapy).

Previously, my computer fan was not working, also the hinge that holds my screen in place was broken. So i tested my com to see if the mechanics was fine.

In order to test the fan, you should just your hand at the outlet. I wanted to disturb the pretty woman who was serving me, so i asked her how i could test the fan. She told me to take a DVD cd and put it inside. If i can hear some sounds, its working. So she lent me a rom to try out. The results were cool, my fan was repaired.

The hinge was visually pleasing. So i went to SGH with 2 toshiba laptops.

The fan costed 100 bucks, the hinge costed 500 bucks. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its like a styrofoam plate cost $2, and the mee rubus on it cost 20 cents. Thats retarded man! Next time i wanna brand my toilet paper and make it cost 20 cents per piece.

Anyways, when i got home, i found the same DVD in my cd-rom drive. I bet that woman would skin me if she ever saw me again, but thats her problem LOL.

P.S. E-mail isn't electrical mail you dumdum!

12:14 AM


I've been quite busy recently for several reasons:
1. Church camp
2. Moulmein Concert
3. Clarinet Practising
4. Work every weekday

Tomorrow i have napfa test too. Oh nos, i haven't done real exercise in 3 years. Gonna be in trouble. Maybe i'll grow extra legs overnight to help me with my 2.4 k run. Maybe the gravity of earth will change, allowing me to do chin-ups more easily. Maybe the standard of measurement changes such that sit and reach becomes sleep and reach.

I need a break......Badly. Gah! @#*(&

1:08 AM

11/13/2006 Mirificus 2006

PLEASE SUPPORT NiCK!!! My First community band concert can!!!!!!


Venue : Singapore Conference Hall

Date : 9 Dec 2006 (Saturday)

Performance Time: 7:30pm

Tix Price : $10

Conductor : Mr Lin Ah Leck


1. Take Off 2 - Concert March (Singapore Premiere)
2. Musical Village (Singapore Premiere)
3. Bronze Pig Suite (Singapore Premiere)
4. El Camino Real
5. Green Hills Fantasy (Singapore Premiere)


6. Poetic Intermezzo
7. Kowa No Nogare No Yuni
8. Romantic Charm Of Pentatonism
9. Animation Songs Medley - Tobe Gundam (Singapore Premiere)
10. Symphonic Overture or Ali Baba


10:55 PM


I'm drained. Drained of all the fun I want to have, but having no energy to do it.

Work is so boring, i hate work. Don't get me wrong, i don't hate my boss or my company...its just that working sucks. The next youngest person in the company is 25. My supervisor is 28 and he's quitting next week to move onto his form his own company. Its hard to communicate with people 1 generation before.

Their favourite topics are.... do you have enough money to buy car? Got car means rich lah! and for the guys, it's NS and how old your wife is. Common man, imma not even earnt my first 10k, much less worry about my wife or wifes. Maybe if they talk about "my first gay girlfriend" i might actually have a comment or 2, butten...its scary talking bout stuff like that to someone who will ultimately grade you. What if my supervisor happens to be a transexual(choychoychoy touch wood) and gets offended? Then again...HAHhAHHAHH COOlll

Then their childhood fun is play marbles. I've got no experience with marbles except when i stuff them into my bomberman robots to shoot them at my sister's ass and when my dad trys to convince me that in his days of marble wars were super fun, he put a marble board on the table. Who would play marbles....once they've discovered the existence of the Playsation 10.3 or XBOX 36k or Pentium 5 9999-core processor.

Well, i'm kinda drained...5 days a week in office, my social life is suffering bad bad bad. I wish i had another friend from my class with me...


4:53 PM


I just started my clarinet lessons with Mr Richard Png. And I quite like it, apart from the distance traveled all the way to loyang view, which is rather near Simei MRT.

The first lesson was pretty much just a hi, my name is NiCK and imma thinking youu is a little bit old, I can play this that those type of songs type of greeting session. Lucky for me, Mr Png said he likes my Chin. LOL. Luckily its not in a gay way, he just means he likes my embouchure position.

Then he tickled me with turkey feet for an hour to make me luff and stuffed my mouff full with strawberry pudding. Give me one give me one give me one more!!!! Then he fed me Absolut Kurant Vodka with a splash of durain juice.

Then i went home. Cool right? =)

Ok, perth pictures that imma supposed to have uploaded last week.

Pads...for men. I'll try one when i become a senile old man(which would be quite soon)

We took flying lessons from lizzy the flying cockroach.

Its time people get the facts right.
1. Australian and New Zealanders are NOT lousy picture takers.
2. The true stupid ones are the british.

After Kate posted her flower stomping picture, I liked it so much, i made it my desktop picture for a moment as well as impersonate her. But then the red and orange flowers are kinda pretty, those pink ones look like the colour of my mom's pad left in the open for weeks after being used.

Jasper's shoulder had some contraption that stored a secret stash inside of him. I just finish licking up some chrysanthemum droplets from the outlet.

I think Ganghis Khan would rather play a Clarinet than a bassoon. But he'll rather play a recorder than a Clarinet. How do i know all this? Why don't you ask your mom? She'll give you a very satisfiable answer.

The truth can be found on the intersection of 2 glass panels and 2 silver metals. Will you accept the truth?

Ok i'm going to eat my dinner. I'll come back and post more later. Later could be 30 mins time or 30 decades time. It kinda depends on the taste of the salad that looks like it was made from the grass downstairs.

7:13 PM


Hi kiddies,


Now that I've wished you a happy children's day, you'll all have a happy day. =D

Ok recent important updates:

1. I'm back from perth.
2. I just started taking clarinet class from Richard Png. Now i feel so inspired to practise my clarinet. Bu yao lian statement: My tone can compete with his =D LOL
3. I'm having my attachment now at paya lebar, not having holidays you punuts!

10:04 PM


Guess whose back! NiCK's back in the house with loads of wiggles and cool shit.

In case any of you jackass-es didn't know, I was in perth you (australian slang) cunts! hhahha opps.

Australia r0cks!!! WEI!!!!!!

I didn't bring a camera along (firstly because i don't own a proper one and secondly, the cameras i have suck. I rather use them as fuel for cars than as cameras) so there ain't no pictures to post yet.

Ok i lied about having no pictures to post yet. Heres 1 picture for you to preview.

If you want more peekchures, you can come back another day. Maybe i'll upload if i feel like it.

This place is for the dead aussie war heros. The People in the foreground are blocking the BBQ pit behind them.

Ah yes this is the BBQ pit i'm talking about. Good day mate!!!

Ok. Then we went to Rocking Ham Senior High School, the place where the food from the BBQ pit is sent to.

Tomorrow then write story. Bye KIDS

3:52 PM


just testing the skin made by le raindrop. i think the size of her right-brain is like a big puddle whle the left seems smaller than the pisai from my nose.

1:58 AM

9/07/2006 Work work

My first real job: its a mixture of slack and sleep. Quite ironic, at first i thought i'll be buzy learning stuff that theory cannot teach. Well, i sure am seeing one side of the real world. If there's no business, there ain't no work.

The rest of my department is having a meeting with the big boss. But I don't have to attend it, which makes me feel kinda left out. Anyhow, i won't say anything the boss doesn't want to hear, as long as i'm taking this module called "industrial attachment programme".

On the fourth day morning of "seriously-just-give-me-some-work-and-i'll-do-it-please!!!! I-want-work-give-me-something-to-do" situation, here NiCK is, typing all sort of junk.

I don't know whether i should call colleagues colleagues or friends or both at the same time. My "service" department deals with repairing equipment (yawnz). Lucky us, the repairing of equipment doesn't happen in the office. So far i've gone to SGH 2x,Alexander hospital, NIE and NTU. Not bad for a first week, that is IF you look at it from the 3rd person view.

I feel stupid getting paid 500 bucks when i'm not even doing $1 worth of work. But since they are willing to pay me, i gladly accept. Everybody needs money! I spend $5 on transport a day. Seriously. 18 MRT-stops from my house to the most accessible mrt station from office. Thats only 1 way. Imagine when i have to go to NTU or NIE or any other place with bio-medical electronics. I hope they invent a teleporting machine specially for me. I won't mind a chaffeur in a lambo gallardo or diablo or anything lambolic either =D

My class is full of horny guys or more simply, men. I think if they get worked here, they'll be quite satisfied. Superficially, i guess the 1st level of appearance is like damn good lah. Too bad they're all a tinny winny bit old. Like 30 or something. One of my colleagues gave me the impression he's at most 2 or 3 years older than me turned out to be 28. I kinda got a shock. If you saw the look on my face, you'll probably give me at least $50 to reanimate the situation. I don't do this type of requests though.

Too bad this computer doesn't have infra-red or bluetooth...i might just be able to take some pictures. Then again, the only picture i took so far is me being a test patient for some silly machine that cost a bomb, but doesn't do anything much. Maybe seriously, one day i will make a shit machine that converts manure into energy. Then i'll win a noble prize after my lifetime in shitology, the field of making money from waste.

I don't think i wanna be in this servicing line when i grow up. I rather sell the equipment. That actually sounds fun! Like i will get to convince people to buy stuff they never will use. For example, an ice-cream machine that runs purely on shit. Or a toilet-paper dispenser. Or an anus hole massager. Or better, a machine that helps u do everything. Aiya whatever.

9:25 AM


tagged by the raindrop.

Name 11 people you can think of right now in your head.
*three of which must be the opposite sex
*After that tag at least 5 people to do this.

1. The raindrop woman
2. Nan Devil
3. Benedictionary the gay
4. Tony Kirkrik
5. Sam Ho
6. Sam Teo
7. Brian
8. Melinda
9. Hui Fen
10. Terence
11. Terence's big boob girlfriend

1. How did you meet 10?
Me Sec school retarded friend xD. r0x0rZz dude

2.What would you do if you never met 2?
Then no class outings and no floor ball sticks to throw around in class and nobody to bully in class and no one to complain to about how RnB sucks xD

3.What would you do if 9 and 11 dated?
Brockback moutain. I seriously dun give a damn.

4.Do you like 7?
He's a nice chum. But i'm not gay.

5.would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
No. I don't think so at least

6.Describe 3.
He's a punk! HAHHA my goody buddy in band.

7.Do you think 8 is attractive?
Er... Ok lah.

8.Tell me something about 9.
SHhe's crazy about people's dimples.

10.Whats 5's favourite things?
Gossipping and having tea with her friends.

11.What would you do if 10 confesses he/she likes you.
I'm not gay. But i dun mind.

12.What language does 6 speak?

13.Who is 9 going out with?
I dunnoe. I think she's single

14. How old is 8 now?
damn old. Same as me. 19

15.When was the last time you talked to 1?
I've never talked to her before. She's a stalker who stalks me to the graves cause she's super in love with me. hahah. I dunnoe, some hours ago.

16.What is 2's favourite band/singer?
Rihanna. Aiya all those RnB. YuCKs

17.Would you ever date 7?
Seriously, this is a repeat of the previous question. Brokeback mountain sucks

18.Would you ever date 11?
Nope, Cause she belongs to terence.

19.Have you ever seen 8 naked?
Save me save me, i'm choking on my own eye sap.

People whom you want to pass this on:
The first 5 people in my list. Especially the first one.

6:26 PM


I feel very hesistant going back to ngee ann band later. I really miss fairfield and ac band loads. NiCK's decided not to play for the last concert.

Heres my reasons why:
1. Np Band has some of childish people. Somehow they think playing after the conductor stops the band, if they can make significant "music" in that short period, they'll accomplish something. No, i'm not saying that the band is full of them. The band is as childish as the most childish child. Making extra noise even seems to be in fashion. Sometimes i wonder, are the people genuinely stupid or something that they must voice out their stupidity.

2. I am at fault here as well, Band practise is never serious. This is almost the same as the top. I'm guilty of laughing and talking non-stop with my fellow clarinetist and the surrounding. But at least, I honestly think i can handle the music cause its not that difficult. For example, its amazing how the trumpet and trombone section can disappear in between rehersals. Thank god the trombones are a strong section, but the trumpets are terrifyingly weak.

After a Band practise, nothing seems to improve. The same mistakes, the same pitfalls. Worst still, its all simple technical mistakes. I feel like I have to lower my mentality to force myself to accept our incompetents.

3. When in the presence of juniors who will lead the band in future, is it justifiable to use vulgarities when talking to the band? Once again, I have been forced to accept the fact that this is OK, based on NP standards. Words like Fu*k appears and added with Fu*k care. Is this how we want our juniors to act like in future?

I personally avoid speaking vulgarities. But words like "shit" and "go and die" is fine, its just an expression.

4. When i play in NP band, i feel like i'm in a rehersal of my fairfield Junior Band. Fairfield's junior band consist of sec 1s and sec 2s who join band 1 yr late. Only on the actual performance, does it feel more like a proper band. After i've been through 3 months of ACJC band, i'm once again forced to lower my standards to that of a junior band. I can't cope with it. It pains me that i even rushed down from the airport to face players who don't seem to give a damn about what they play.

5. Attendence has never been proper. I try my best to come every practise, but even those in the commitee can't be borthered. With such a mentality, is it really possible for NP band to ever reach a proper social standard of responsibility? Nah i doubt it.

6. Freshies come in looking confused, through the practise stay confused and go off confused. Its almost as if nobody gives a damn who is present. As a result, big fractions of band people are lost. I heard that this is very common for neighbourhood secondary schools. Like having half the population disappearing. If that is the truth, i'm thankful i didn't have to go to a neighbourhood secondary school.

For this year's freshies, I've been trying my best to retain at least those in my section. I think my freshies are quite stable now and have blended internally just fine. Maybe not yet with the rest of the band. But i guess with all the unfriendlyness, thats just the way it is. Whether they quit after i leave, i seriously don't know. But i'm sure they would give me face and won't quit while i'm still around.

7. Social politics. When i first came into band, i was so shocked when the seniors actually talked about each other behind another person's back based on gossip. Until now, i see the same trend. I guess i've sort of conformed to this way of life. But i genuinely think you suck, i won't hessitate to tell that to you if you as me. I try my best to at least smile at you in hopes of a better future. This may seem like hypocritical to you, but I don't care what you think.

Now that i look at this point, I think Ngee Ann Band's social politics is getting worst. Now its as if they're backstabing people openly. Not only do people joke about it, they even take it for real based on rumour.

8. Section politics. I'm honestly not happy with my section leader's method of handling, but she's a nice person apart from that and worthy of being a good friend. Take for example the allocation of parts (1st,2nd,3rd). It is a common misconception that 1st is by far the most important. Its almost as if the competitive school environment is brought into band.

My sl tends to give most of the 1st parts to the alumni player, cause the alumni player is a good player. That being the case, she gets many solo parts. Which makes me wonder, is she really that good? After hearing all her solo parts, i conclude that our section has better players who can do it better. No, i'm not refering to myself.

Ironically, I should be the only one who doesn't-give-a-damn-attitude-about-it because i am NOT affected by parts allocation, i play the Eb clarinet which doesn't have 1st,2nd or 3rd. Nor does it enough any other players to fill 2nd or 3rd Eb clarinet parts if such a thing existed.

Ok back to the point...... Why are we training the alumni when we should be giving priority to those currently in band. We pay school fees, we give the cleaners their celery, we this we that and the alumni gets to enjoy. Might as well rename NP band to NPA band.

11:46 AM

8/26/2006 This video is for open-minded people.


If you're a catholic, you might get offended. But its just a joke. So if you're not open-minded, just forget it.

6:30 PM


1.Who is your first contact?
aaa. In case i actually send or call the wrong person whiles pressing to fast.
The 1st true contact is Abigal Tan. My Junior

2. Scroll down to the 10th person, who is he/she?
Andrew Yap. Fat guy whose grown fatter in the years. HAHA he's a nice guy and a jackass at the same time.

3. Scroll up 3 times. What is your relationship with him/her?
Amanda Lim. My Mom whose divorsed. She doesn't want to remarry and give me nice toys. What kinda of a mom sia

4. Scroll down 20 times. Have you ever kissed him/her?
Bernice Chang. No. YuCKSSSSSSSSSS. Just a church Acquaintant.

5. Scroll down another 30 times. Who is he/she and did you hold hands before?
My dad. Yeah have..when young of course.

6. Scroll up 5 times. How did you know he/she?
Cindy, the small girl. Thr NP band. Silly little girl whose almost as proportionally skinny as me.

7. Scroll down 8 times. Are you in the same school as him/her?
Daniel Seah. Silly buddy. Nope. Same church.

8. Scroll down another 8 times. Did you hug him/her before?
Denise Tan. Nope.... She always goes home after cell-group. How to hug sia. Lol

9. Another scrolling down of 8 times. Is he/she someone dear to you?
Ezra. Nope. We're not that close. But he's a nice chum.

10. Scroll down to the fifth name. Did you scold him/her before?
Feng Nan. Maybe not.

11. Scroll down 10 times. Did you like him/her before?
Hazmi. I'm not gay.

12. Scroll another 10 times down. Does he/she sleep naked?
Ilyas. Yes for sure...he's a gay. HAHAHA kidding. Maybe he'll be naked in his crush's fantasies only. Luckily i'm not interested.

13. Scroll to the W alphabet, the second person. What is his/her sexual preference?
Wai Foon. My sec 2 cousin. I seriously doubt she's into sex yet.

14. Scroll down to the X alphabet and name a person who knows you best.
Quite a close competition. Xian en i guess. We've known each other since primary school.

15. Name 6 people in your contact list who you think knows you best:
My Mom,Dad,Sis,Tony,Daniel Tan, Terence Teo

9:34 PM


I think I'm addicted to games ... and deeply too. I read an article recently about this type of stuff. The psychologist interviewed claimed that 40% of WoW players are so engrossed, they've passed the threshold of addiction.

Even during this examination period, I spent at least 1 hour a day on DOTA. And it actually affects the rest of my day. I claim to be a good dota player. Lets just assume its true for now.

I tend to see dota the same way as playing a badminton match. Sometimes its really exciting, sometimes its just not your day. The adrenaline just rushes through your body and you might even get high. A non-dota players see dota as an energy-consuming habit that they're reluctant to indulge in.

My laptop screen cracked. Damn it
Its quite sad looking.
Now i look don't even wanna look at it.
GAH @#%#@&

THis is how i look like after seeing my screen for the first time like that.

9:00 PM


As i struggled through memorizing some points about lack of infrastructure of telemedicine, winamp suddenly played the stupid lullaby. I didn't change the song cause maybe it might make me feel a little less up-tight.

The next moment, I was snoozing on my bed for 1 and a half hours. Damn it. 24 hours more.

Anyhow, my first paper, Clinical Engineering, is on tuesday. The unique thing about this exam is that previously, most my exam papers would consist of only the second half of the work. For this semester, every paper i'm gonna take tests my abilities ranging from the tip of my hair right down to the last inch of my broken toe nails.

I'll update more properly with funny stuff next time. I'm kinda studying, fiddling around with the transformer robot and shaking to some stupid song.

1:53 AM

8/19/2006 I did the same thing again, just the more chim version =D

This one actually helps you with your exams. Yeah so good luck


You are a right brain dominant student!

You probably get bored during long lectures and prefer to take classes with a lot of freedom of movement and thought. You like to write stories and even tell stories about your funny experiences. You might be a little suspicious of other people's motives sometimes, but that's only because you can usually tell whenever someone is lying or when they're up to no good. You are a little on the dreamy side--or a lot. You plan books or movie plots but you don't always follow through on things you think about. You should work on that. You are fun and spontaneous, and probably active in sports or clubs. Your feelings run deep, and it shows. You have strong instincts, and you solve problems on hunches and feelings. You are artistic in some way. You can believe in things based on experience, without seeing scientific proof. You might be a finalist on Survivor some day, since you know how to read people so well, and you have great survival instincts.

Do you get bored when teachers lecture too much? Do you feel like you can size up people easily by watching them? If so, you may be right-brain dominant.

Characteristics of Right-Brain Students

  • You take notes but lose them. You may have a hard time keeping track of your research
  • You might have a hard time making up your mind
  • You are good with people
  • You don't fall for practical jokes as easily as some
  • You seem dreamy, but you're really deep in thought
  • People may have told you you're psychic
  • You like to write fiction, draw, or play music
  • You might be athletic
  • You like mystery stories
  • You take time to ponder and you think there are two sides to every story
  • You may lose track of time
  • You are spontaneous
  • You’re fun and witty
  • You may find it hard to follow verbal directions
  • You are unpredictable
  • You get lost
  • You are emotional
  • You don't like reading directions
  • You may listen to music while studying
  • You read lying down
  • You may be interested in “the unexplained”
  • You are philosophical

Your Classes

  • In history class, you enjoy the social aspects most. You like to explore they effects of things that happened in history. You like the essays, too.
  • You can do well in math class if you apply yourself, but you get bored doing long problems.
  • Science? Boring.
  • You do well in English class, especially when it comes to reading literature and writing essays about books. You also do well in creative writing assignments.

Advice for Right Brain Students
  • Choose to do personal essays
  • Watch your daydreaming—keep it under control
  • Let your imagination work for you in the arts
  • Let your intuition work for you in social situations
  • Let your deep thinking work for you during essay tests—but don’t ponder too long
  • Be creative with essays. You can use colorful language well
  • Use images and charts when you study
  • Write down directions
  • Try to be more organized!
  • Don’t be overly suspicious of others
  • Make outlines to organize your thoughts.
  • Choose fiction in reading assignments
  • Try to avoid teachers who lecture a lot; choose teachers who use activities
  • You tell stories well, so write some!
  • Put information into categories for better understanding
  • Avoid getting bogged down by thinking of all possibilities when answering questions
  • Finish things! You have so much talent, but you don’t always complete things.

6:53 PM

8/15/2006 Conflict with others sia...

You Are 35% Left Brained, 65% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

5:29 PM

Your Hidden Talent

You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words.
You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.
People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.
When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.

5:26 PM

What Your Underwear Says About You

You're a total rebel who doesn't conform to any rules. P.S. - It's a jungle down there!

You're also way too lazy to do your laundry more than a few times a year.

5:22 PM

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

5:20 PM

Your Porn Star Name Is...

Larry Loverod

5:18 PM

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as confident and determined.

Overall, your true self is moody and dynamic.

With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situations, you seem cheerful and optimistic.

5:16 PM

Your Brain is 53% Female, 47% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

5:07 PM



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